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Why do I need to partner with an advertiser ?

When you own your own free hosting company using our reseller service. You are expected to place advertisement's on your customers pages and into the clients control panel, this will earn you good revenue if you choose the best advertisers.

Here are a few important terms to become familiar with:

CPC or Cost Per Click : You are paid money for each click on these type of adverts.

CPM or Cost Per One Thousand Impressions : CPM adverts are usually creative or graphical adverts. You are paid every time an advert is viewed, this is regardless of whether they are clicked or not.

CPA or Cost Per Action : When you display CPA adverts, you only get paid when a person completes an offer or purchases a product from the site in the advert. CPA adverts have specific rules as to what is required in order for you to get paid. Generally the payment from CPA adverts is very high but the amount of conversions or actions you get will be very rare.

Below is a summary of advertising companies in order of our recommendation with the best starting at the top :

Ad space is valuable. Finding the most relevant ad content for a particular website is our key to maximizing publisher revenue. Our state of the art ad server not only hones in on the best ads for a given site, it also offers 100% control and flexibility to the publisher.

What you can expect from Underdog Media :

1. One on one service

2. Diverse advertiser base

3. Competitive eCPM rates, on all campaigns

4. Competitive fill rates

5. Diverse mix of ad formats

6. Campaigns for worldwide traffic

What you will also get from us :

1. Real-time reporting

2. Creative and rate control with full transparency

3. Free ad server (SSP like capabilities) to manage in house campaigns and third party network tags

4. Effective flagging capabilities

Click here to visit the UnderDog Media sign up !

We highly recommend you use Google Adsense for your free hosting company's adverts. This is our 2nd best recommendation.

Google Adsense is a Cost Per Click advertiser mainly, which means each time one of your adverts are clicked, you will get paid, from experience, the average amount per click ranges from $0.03 cents up to $0.30 cents. The amount is determined by how much the company in the advert chose to pay for each click. Advertisers are known to bid up to an amazing $20.00 per click! Google Adsense is the well know for the paying the highest amount per click.

Google Adsense will additionally show CPM adverts on your websites when Google calculates that it would be more profitable to show a CPM advert, this means you get paid for the 'views' on these adverts regardless of if they are clicked. By mixing CPM and CPC together you get the best of both worlds.

Adverts displayed by Google Adsense will always be relevant to the content of website they are displayed on, for instance if the website is about kitchens and cookers, then Google will show adverts about kitchen and cookers. This relevancy allows good 'click through rates' which is how often the adverts are clicked.

Overall Google Adsense is a world leader in website advertising and ideal for your own free hosting company.

Click here to visit the Google Adsense website and sign up !

Click here to visit the Clicksor website and sign up !

CPX Interactive is a leader in CPM advertising, you get paid for each time a page is viewed.

This is a very reputable company who pay very good rates for CPM adverts. We highly recommend CPX interactive if you are unable to get a Google Adsense account.

Click here to visit the CPX Interactive website and sign up !