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Script Installer Guide

Script automatic install code setup / Help guide

You can now configure your MyOwnFreeHost reseller to automatically install a script into the clients website immediately after the registration / signup process is completed. This auto installation completely sets up the script to the point where it is ready to use and login.

Use this new feature to create niche hosting serivces such as Joomla Hosting, WordPress Hosting, OSCommerce Hosting etc, You can now brand your reseller or create a new reseller specifically targeting the hosting of specific scripts since they are now automatically installed after registration is completed without the client needing to do anything!

New MyOwnFreeHost reseller signup forms are already setup with the auto install script options.

If you are an existing reseller, you can make a simple modification to your signup form to add in this new functionality.

We have provided two methods / options to implement this into your existing resellers signup form.

Method 1 - Provide clients a list of scripts to choose from on the sign-up form

This is done by adding a new drop down selection box into your existing sign-up form. You can see a working example of a MyOwnFreeHost site that we created to demo this feature which has a list of scripts on the signup form that can be chosen and will be installed automatically once registration is completed. You can view this demo by clicking here and you can download an example of the modified 'multi script' signup form by clicking here.

The modifications of note to the signup form that makes this work is the introduction of the following new option boxes in the code :

<select size="1" name="script">
<option value="">Do not install script</option>
<option value="wordpress">WordPress Blog</option>
<option value="joomla">Joomla! CMS</option>
<option value="phpbb">PHPbb Forum</option>
<option value="mybb">MyBB Forum</option>
<option value="drupal">Drupal CMS</option>
<option value="vanilla">Vanilla Forum</option>
<option value="opencart">OpenCart Ecommerce Shop</option>
<option value="oscommerce">OsCommerce Ecommerce Shop</option>
<option value="zencart">ZebCart Ecommerce Shop</option>
<option value="bigace">BigAce CMS</option>
<option value="nucleus">Nucleus CMS</option>
<option value="cubecart">CubeCard Ecommerce Shop</option>
<option value="typo3">Typo3 CMS</option>
<option value="b2evolution">B2Evolution Blog & CMS</option>
<option value="faqmaster">FAQ Master</option>
<option value="geeklog">GeekLog CMS</option>
<option value="hhgmultistore">HHG MultiStore Ecommerce Shop</option>
<option value="kajona">Kajona CMS</option>
<option value="concrete5">Concrete5 CMS</option>
<option value="pivot">Pivot Blog & CMS</option>
<option value="textpattern">TextPattern CMS</option>
<option value="tikiwikigroup">Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware</option>
<option value="webauction">Web Auction</option>
<option value="modxrevo">MODX Revoution CMS</option>
<option value="pligg">Pligg CMS</option>
<option value="">Do not install script</option>

A complete copy of the 'multi script' signup form source code can be downloaded at here.

Method 2 - Hard set a specfic script to be installed into each clients site.

This is done by adding a new hidden post option in the signup form which specifes the script you want installing into each clients site. You can see a working example of a instant Wordpress hosting service which is a MyOwnFreeHost reseller created to demo the auto installation of Wordpress Blog clicking here to view the demo and you can download an example of the modified signup form by clicking here.

Below is the additional code to make this functionality work on the signup form :

<input type=hidden name=script value="wordpress">

This single line can be added into your existing reseller signup form to enable automatic installation of WordPress into every new clients site.

You can replace wordpress script post value in that code with any of the following script names: bigace, concrete5, cubecart, drupal, faqmaster, geeklog, hhgmultistore, joomla, kajona, nucleus, opencart, oscommerce, phpbb, pivot, textpattern, tikiwikigroup, typo3, vanilla, wordpress, zencart, mybb, b2evolution, webauction, modxrevo, pligg.

Both signup forms above also have max character limits on the username and password to make it impossible for a customer to submit a form with a username or password which is longer than the allowed limits.

If you have any questions or need help modifying your signup script please do not hesitate to contact support at :

The tech support systen here

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