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Reseller Panel

The reseller panel

The reseller panel powers your free hosting company : Read below details for each of the reseller panels functions.

General information

Change Password

- Change the password to secure access to your reseller control panel.

Add reseller domain

Add reseller domain

This feature allows you to add your own domain names to the reseller service which are used as a free hosting domain name where your clients receive a sub domain off your domain, for example :

If you added the following domain name to the 'add reseller domain' function in the reseller panel :


Then clients visiting your website will be able to get a free hosting account and have a domain name link this :

clientsite . greathost.com

Adding you own domain name is easy, all you need to do is log into your domain registrars control panel and change your domain's name servers to the following settings, then add the domain name to the reseller panel under the ADD RESELLER domain function :

Name servers to use :






- No limits to how many reseller domains you can add to one reseller plan.

- Use any top level domain name with the reseller service (all extensions allowed).

- Automatically configured white labeled name servers.

User management

Manage Customer Accounts

- Search for a customer by email address, username, domain name or signup IP address.

- Customer accounts are displayed showing you: active domains, MySQL server details, traffic statistics, disk space usage.

- Individual account quotas can be modified here, you can set custom traffic limits, disk space limits and MySQL databases limits.

- Enable or disable on-site advertising on specific clients / domains.

- Suspend / Reactivate account functions are also available here.

- Account maintenance / repair scripts are available to automatically repair common customer account problems lnclude: Auto fix CHMOD, Auto fix file ownership, Auto fix .htaccess, Auto fix abuse detection.

- Account upgrades and extra functions can be enabled on accounts include: Remove banner adverts (per site).

- Automatic connect to customers Control Panel.

Account defaults

Default Index Page

- Customize your free hosting customers 'default home page' by uploading your own HTML into the reseller panel.. This is the skeleton template which is automatically installed into every free hosting clients website when the account is first created.

Useful skeleton templates could include links to free hosting control panel, help documentation support forums, special offer links and adverts.

Default Welcome Email

- Customize the welcome email which is sent to your clients after they create a free hosting website at your reseller. This email can be configured with your own personal message / content. Mail merge fields supplied for inserting the clients usernames and passwords and all account information into the welcome email in a custom fashion.

Configure Forum URL

- Customize your support forum URL.

If you choose to create a community/support forum for your free hosting reseller service, you can use this function to customize 'forum links' in the control panel so your clients can seamlessly pass between their hosting control panel and your forums.

Additionally the forum URL/links in the welcome email sent to your clients after they create a free account are also customized using this function.

Script Installer - Softaculious.

- Your free hosting customers have access to 'Softaculious' Script installer, this is the leading PHP script installation service that quickly and easily allows them to install the most popular scripts used online such as WordPress Blog, Content Management systems and Ecommerce software.

Custom Default .htaccess

- Customize the skeleton or default .htaccess file which is added into every free hosting client who signs up at your reseller.

This allows you to create custom error pages for 404, 403, 500 errors, set custom PHP flags and much more.

Custom Affiliate ID

- Enter your securesignup.net affiliate ID into this function to be paid for paid commission on every upgrade your clients complete from inside the free hosting control panel.

Your customer statistics

Web Statistics

- View the overall statistics for your free hosting company, see the total amount of Sub Domains, Total traffic used, total CPU time used.

- View the individual statistics for your each customer account, arranged by highest user at the top, view the hits the website has received, traffic used and CPU time used.

Last 50 Signups

- View information on the most recent 50 customers that have signed up for your free hosting service, username, IP address, domain name, date and time is shown here.

Support center

View Tickets

- The support center connects you with your free hosting customers. Your customers can create a support ticket inside their control panel, you can read these tickets inside your reseller panel support center.

The support center is integrated into your user management system. Every support ticket received is automatically linked to your customer database, so you know all the information on your customer. You are shown: Date and time ticket was received, Ticket priority, account username, website URL, account status, website document root, PHP settings, database names used, MySQL server host name.

The automatic self fixing scripts are available in your support center allowing you to in a single click, fix many of the common problems your free hosting customer may experience including: Auto fix CHMOD, Auto fix file ownership, Auto fix .htaccess, Auto fix abuse detection.

You are not alone supporting your customers! The support system includes a 'ticket escalation button' clicking this button will send the support ticket to the Byet main support center where our technicians can respond to the ticket for you.

Your Adverts

Advert Control

- This is were you manage the advertisement code or tags which are automatically added to your customers free hosting pages. You can add your own HTML tags such as Google Adsense code here. You do not have to add your own adverts onto your customers pages, you may want to offer banner free hosting, or just a small link or image to your customer free hosting pages. All of these possibilities are supported you can add any HTML into the advert control.

Account quotas

Manage Global Quotas

- You have the power to define the free hosting plan you offer to your free hosting subscribers. You can define the monthly traffic limit, maximum disk space and maximum amount of MySQL databases and maximum domains. These are global quotas which are set to every free hosting account created. You can define individual account quotas using the user management interface.

Upgrade reseller account

- Want to offer a larger free hosting plan to your clients ? Now you can upgrade your reseller plan to do exactly this, paid reseller plans allow you to offer a free hosting plan to your clients of up to 1.5GB disk space and 50GB monthly traffic per free account !

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