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Reseller Frequently Asked Questions

What do you get with my free hosting company ?

We are offering you a complete 'free hosting company' solution. Once you are signed up, you will effectively be an owner / admin of your own free hosting company.

Customers are able to sign up for your free hosting at your website and utilize our servers and hosting technology, for free !

We provide a control panel for you to manage your customer's and advertising code.

Click here to view the reseller panel features.

How do you earn money from running a free hosting company ?

You add your own Google Adsense adverts or any other advertising code onto the reseller control panel. This advert code is then automatically added into your customer's pages.

One advert unit is placed onto the bottom or footer of each of your customer's pages.

Because you add your own advert code, you can choose the size and colors of the adverts which are added to your customer's websites.

You earn 100% of the revenue generated on your customer's websites.

How will customer's sign up for my free hosting ?

Your free hosting company home page comes pre-installed with an 'instant activation' signup form. Visitors to your website have to simply fill out a small registration form and will receive a free hosting account instantly !

Attracting visitors to your website is easy. To get a fast steady flow of customer's to sign up for your free hosting service you can use the following advertising methods :

1. Posting an advert into a popular forums will bring lots of customer's

2. Submitting your free host to hosting directories is one of the best ways to get lots of new customer's.

3. Link exchange with other webmasters, get your host advertised on their site.

Following these simple rules will guarantee you will have hundreds of customer's signing up for your free hosting each day! Each new customer means more clicks and earnings on your Google Adverts which are placed onto their website !

What does my free hosting company home page look like ? Can I change it ?

Your reseller account comes with a template 'example' free hosting company home page. It is placed onto free domain name which is included with your reseller account, for example :


You get FTP access to your website so you can completely change the look of your free hosting company home page.

If you would prefer a .COM .NET or .ORG domain for your free hosting home page, the reseller setup fee would be only $8.99

The template home page you are provided is fully functional with a signup form for your customer's to subscribe to your free hosting.

What is the free hosting plan my customer's will get?

Inside your reseller control panel, you can define the bandwidth you offer to your free hosting customer's :

Ad-Supported free account PHP Flags manager
10.000 MB disk space (free reseller plan) Zend, IonCube, PHP 5 and HTML
** Bandwidth defined by you, the reseller ** FTP account
10 MySQL databases File manager (browser upload)
10 Add-on domains PhpMyAdmin
10 Sub domains Password protected folders
MX records  


What does iFastNet get out of this? How is it so cheap ?

We require you to keep a paid hosting upgrade page on your hosting companies home page.

Paid upgrades from free plans to premium accounts is how we monetize this.

We are looking at expanding this in the future to offer you a share of the paid hosting upgrade revenue, as well as the money you make on the banner adverts you add to your customer's websites !

Do I have to be involved in technical server maintenance ?

Your customer's websites are hosted on iFastNet's Clustered Hosting Servers, for free !

Maintenance and server work is all taken care by our engineers, leaving you to develop and grow your free hosting company without any of the complexity of managing Linux servers !

How do I sign up? what is the process ?

i) You sign up here and create a 'reseller' account.

ii) You are given a hosting account with a template 'free hosting' company home page.

iii) You customize your 'free hosting' company home page.

iv) In your reseller control panel, you add your 'Google Adsense' or any other advertiser code.

(this is automatically added to every one of your customer's pages that signs up on your website)

v) You make money from your customer's websites when they sign up and use your free hosting service !

Get your free, professional and reliable turn-key hosting reseller !

Fully customizable and hosted on our powerful clustered network. Host unlimited clients under one free reseller plan !