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Affiliate program

Earn money from paid hosting sales

When you join the Premium Affiliate program and a client orders a paid service: including Premium Hosting, Business class hosting or orders a VPS server using your affiliate link, you will earn 5% commission on all payments received, for the lifetime of that account !

How do i get started ?

1. Sign up for an account at SecureSignup.net

2. Login to your account

3. Click on the Affiliates link on the left

4. Copy your Unique Referral Link

5. Share the link on your websites, blogs, e-mail and more !

When a client signs up for a paid order via your affiliate link, you will earn 5% commission on every payment made, for the lifetime of that account !


How can I track my referrals ?

Affiliate commisions are listed instantly in your affiliate control panel, as soon as a client completes an order.

What do I do have to do to be paid ?

When your commissions reach a minimum of $100.00 you will be contacted by Byet via e-mail or other means to arrange for payment by Paypal.

Are the affiliate paymentst recurring commission or one-time referral payments ?

You earn commission on every payment, including recurring subscription payments made by a clients who creates and order using your affiliate link.

Can I use my own referral link to sign up for a premium account ?

No, you may not purchase premium services using your own affiliate link, if you are found to be doing so, you risk forfeiting all commissions and possibly even your premium services.

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